What is so great about erection pills?

Impotence is a lack of a penile erection resulting in an inability to conduct a full sexual performance. In majority of cases this pathological condition is followed with libido decreasing, orgasm weakening, and early ejaculation, which completely ruins life quality and has a negative impact on a man’s psychoemotional state, interpersonal and family relations. Man gets depressed, emotionally drained, loses self-confidence and starts suffering from inferiority complex.

What is so great about erection pills?

Erectile function is believed to worsen with time course, but it is a mistake. In the absence of diseases, provoking sexual frustration, any man can have a good erection even in advanced years.

Why does impotency appear?

Though it is commonly thought that impotency is caused by psychological problems and hormonal disorders, the main cause of this ailment is organic changes in the erectile mechanism. The typical reasons of loss of sexual power can be:

  • Psychological: stresses, depression, pressure;
  • Nervous: injuries of intervertebral disks, disseminated sclerosis, pelvic organs operations;
  • Arterial: hypertension, diabetes;
  • Venous: blood circulation disorders;
  • Physiological: obesity, addictions, an unhealthy way of life;
  • Medicinal: antihypertensive and antidepressant drugs taking.

These diseases provoke blood vessels changes. As a result, vascular walls lose their flexibility and elasticity and become too fragile to provide a proper penile blood supply. That curtails an ability to reach and maintain erection. More information about causes of impotency is available on http://www.healthline.com/health/erectile-dysfunction/common-causes-impotence

Fortunately, there exist male erection pills, which guarantee quick deliverance from this delicate problem.


kamagra oral jelly kamagra oral jelly is an Indian drug with Sildenfil active ingredient used to treat erectile dysfunction. The key option of this medicine is gel texture aimed to facilitate the drug application and accelerate coming of a desirable effect. There is no need to take the gel with water– it will absorb into the blood from your month. This drug comes with pleasant flavors – pineapple, strawberry, raspberry. The preparation is good for curing both organic and psychogenic impotency.

The efficiency of Kamara is 80-95% depending on etiology and stage of a disease. The active agent boosts circulation in pelvic vessels and normalizes penile blood supply. Sildenafil works in 15 minutes providing a man is sexually stimulated. The effect remains up to 12 hours.

Kamagra is taken an hour before sexual performance once a day. A recommended dose is 50 mg; the maximum dose must not exceed 100 mg, otherwise side effects are possible – headaches, rapid heart, nose stiffness, dyspepsy, higher photosensitivity. The medicine is taken with caution if a patient suffers from cardiovascular system diseases, liver or kidney diseases, degenerative changes of retina. sildenafil is forbidden to be combined with organic nitrates and nitrites application.


Cialis (Tadalafil) is by right considered one of the best erection pills. In 30 minutes after taking of one 20 mg pill of this drug, relaxation of penile unstriated muscles comes, blood flow increases resulting in a firm and long-term erection. The medicine starts acting in 15 minutes under natural venereal excitement.

The effect is durable for 36 hours that is why cialis in Australia is extremely popular. This drug also intensifies libido, prevents premature ejaculation and sharpens orgasm. The dosage must not be increased. If taken regularly, a dose can be reduced to 5 mg per day as impotency precaution and treatment. This dosage is recommended for elderly men over 75 or for those who suffer from serious chronic diseases. A small amount of Tadalafil can be combined with alcohol and fat meal taking.

Side effects are absent in 98% of cases. Among individual complications are headaches, flush, dizziness. Cialis does not build up a tolerance and has no bad influence on the hormonal level of a man. Restrictions are acute liver failure, brain and heart attack happened less than 6 months ago.

Viagra – an effective tool to combat erectile dysfunction

The number of men experiencing problems with potency is constantly growing, and this leads to both physiological and psychological problems. There are lots of erectile dysfunction causes – unhealthy diet, bad habits, ecology, constant stress. To combat this problem, you can use folk remedies, but their effectiveness is questionable, or you can simply buy Viagra – legendary blue pills, which for more than one year have allowed men to return potency. Not less often men use not only original drug, but also its generics – drugs, that have same active substance in their composition and have similar effect.


Men`s health: how to save?

Success, society position and material wealth – all these are results of hard work for many years, accompanied by huge emotional load. Chronic stress exhausts negatively affects men`s life and health. The body resists stress for a long time, but at some point the dam breaks through, and stream of problems collapses on a man.

At this point, career and achievements often fade into background or even lose their meaning. Here comes the feeling of complete disappointment and main question is: what determines men’s beauty and health? How to preserve youth, re-learn life enjoying and regain confidence in abilities? (more…)

Hypospadias and Cavernitis: widespread men diseases

Hypospadias is a penis malformation, when an external opening of the urethra takes place at the trunk of the penis, but not at the head as usual. At the same time, it is shown by the loose of urine flow and is experienced by the difficulties of urination.

The causes of hypospadia

Pay attention, that hypospadia is a congenital malformation, which can appear from the birth moment. It is very difficult to highlight the main cause of this disease, because there are a lot of factors, which can affect the normal laying of organs during the pregnancy period.

Firstly, it is necessary to distinguish the presence of infectious disease, which can be the result of such illness. Today the influence of CMV and Toxoplasma will play a big role and it was proved by scientists. Every pregnant woman should make the tests, which will help to understand, if the child has any pathogen. In addition, AIDS and congenital syphilis must be screened, because they can be the main causes of such diseases.

Despite the infectious diseases, we must name congenital malformations, which can vary by chemical and physical factors. A big amount of newborns with hypospadias was noted in the zones, where the contamination by radioactive substance is rather big. It gives an opportunity to say, that negative radiation effect can be harmful for newborns.

The methods of treatment

The most effective and reasonable method, which will help to correct such a pathology is surgery. The extent of the surgery depends on the form of disease, but in many cases the main task, which must be made by urologists, is to make a restore and to give and urethra the normal shape.

If we talk about the head in the form if hypospadias, it means, that the glans penis is opened in the urethra, so there is a need to make a plastic with help of men tissues. To do such operation, urologist will make a hole in the mucous membrane of the urethra, that was earlier mobilized from the place of previous organ.

Cavernitis and its reasons

Cavernitis is an inflammation of the cavernous or cavernous bodies of the penis, which can be acute in most situations and have the complications in the erectile function.

The first cause of cavernitis is entering the causative agent to the cavernous body of the penis. Very often it can be the result of gonorrhea. The spread of infection in the cavernous body will come from urethra, where the parasite usually takes place. Microfracture mucosa can facilitate to such reason, which can occur after the swab in bacteriological research of urethritis pathogen.

In addition, one of the cause can be acute urethritis, penile injury with one cavernosum corpus, as well an osteomyelitis or angina. The last cause can be the hematogenous dissemination of infectious disease and pathogen. Also the lymphogenous dissemination can be the cause of such disease.

Cavernitis treatment

The treatment of cavernitis depends on the stage of the disease. For example, at initial stage, doctor will prescribe the course of antibiotic therapy. In such case you can see only the inherent infiltration of cavernous bodies.

But, if the causative agent of such disease is gonorrhea, the most effective drug will be penicillin. It can be administered intravenously or intramuscularly 4-6 times a day. Also such treatment includes the usage of lumen in the urethra with antiseptic solutions, as furacillin and deosan. That medications can be purchased without doctor`s prescription.

If there is a need to make an operation, it is rather important to get the best rehabilitation, because it will be hard to return to normal life. But with the help of medical personnel everything will be all right.

Prostatitis: it’s time to think it over

prostatiThe word “prostatitis” simply means swelling of the prostate which is a small gland that is situated between the penis and bladder. Its function is to produce a thick liquid that is mixed with sperm in order to create semen. Unfortunately, such condition as prostatitis can develop in men of various ages.

How to recognize prostatitis: signs and symptoms

The most frequently experienced symptoms are the following:

  • Pain during the urination;
  • Painful feelings in the pelvis, buttocks and genitals;
  • A constant need to pee;
  • Pains during the ejaculation, which can be the sign of erectile dysfunction or libido loss;
  • Blood in the urine, weak stream of urine (references are introduced by nhs.com)

In some cases there can appear fever, flushed face, high temperature and aches in muscles.

What exactly causes the condition?

What exactly causes the conditionSpeaking about the causes, it’s necessary to take into consideration the following ones:

  • Infections that are transmissed through unprotected sexual intercourse (for instance gonorrhea and chlamydia);
  • Having some sex practices such as anal sex without a condom;
  • Having multiple amount of sexual partners;
  • Blocks that spoil the regular flow of urine from the bladder;
  • Phimosis, which means impossibility of the penis’ foreskin to be pulled back;
  • Injury/trauma of the spot between the anus and scrotum.

The men over 50 with the enlarged prostate are also at a risk of developing the prostatitis.

Is there a special classification of prostatitis?

The National Institute of Diabetes, Digestive and Kidney diseases has made a classification of this condition in 1999. It includes four main kinds:

  1. Bacterial prostatitis (acute). The main cause is certainly the bacteria and the condition starts with symptoms similar to flu. But in men it appears quite rarely.
  2. Asymptomatic inflammatory prostatitis. It is revealed when being checked on male infertility or prostate cancer. The patients with such type of prostatitis won’t experience any symptoms or feel discomfort but there will exist some infection-fighting cells in their semen.
  3. Bacterial prostatitis (at a chronic stage). Recurrent bacterial infections exist in this case but the patient doesn’t feel any major changes in his condition or feels minor symptoms. Anyway, the condition is hard to treat.
  4. Chronic prostatitis, which is also referred to as chronic pelvis pain syndrome. Most of men having prostatitis experience this one. However, it hasn’t been carefully studied yet. The symptoms can come or remain chronically. The condition may be noninflammatory or inflammatory (medicinenet.com).

The ways to treat prostatitis

The most widely used medicine to treat prostatitis are antibiotics. If the case is acute prostatitis, the antibiotics have to be taken from 2 to 6 weeks. If the case is chronic prostatitis, the time of such therapy will increase up to 12 weeks. In some cases the symptoms may appear again after you stop taking the medicine.

The recommendations to stick to at home to cure the condition include taking warm baths to achieve relaxation and relieve pain, use stool softeners to ease bowel movements. It is also useful to avoid consumption of alcohol, caffeine, citruses, spicy foods. One more advice given here is to drink enough fluids a day to assist  flushing the bacteria out of the bladder.

In general, it’s necessary to say that this condition can be treated nowadays and it doesn’t that threaten to man’s life. The best thing is to consult your doctor the sooner the better when you notice the first symptoms. He will prescribe the right treatment and definitely help you.