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Exercises for prostatitis prevention

Until a certain time, prostatitis remains only word that you don’t want to say or hear. But those who have already encountered disease know that prostatitis isn`t just a word that can be dismissed. We offer you to get acquainted with exercises that will help with prostatitis.

This article will be useful for reading not only for men, but also for women who are interested in maintaining health of their beloved as long as possible. Indeed, often it`s women who become main motivators.

If you suddenly forget

Prostatitis is inflammatory process of prostate gland, which is caused by various etiological factors.

Causes of prostatitis

They are now divided into two groups. Infectious (due to sexually transmitted infections and presence of chronic pathology – tonsillitis, chronic kidney disease). Most often causative agent is E. coli. Non-infectious (hypothermia, decreased physical activity, prolonged sexual abstinence, reduced immunity, excessive sexual activity, injuries and operations on pelvic organs, hormonal disorders).

Prevention of prostatitis

There are many different ways by which you can prevent or at least delay appearance of prostatitis. Consider them.

Massage of prostate

And don`t frown and make such a face. And, who doesn`t know, prostate massage is digital effect on gland. This manipulation provides outflow of secretion from prostate glands.

Only specialist can conduct such massage, who is well acquainted with technique of massage or trained person. Our men are very biased in prostate massage. As for trips to urologist/andrologist. And this can`t be done. Your health and sex life depend on it. Just think that you are patients for doctor. Nothing personal.

Sex as prevention of prostatitis

With prostatitis, there is such phenomenon as stasis of venous blood in prostate gland and pelvic organs. Prolonged sexual abstinence adversely affects male body. Because sex is excellent prevention of prostatitis.

Kegel exercises – excellent prostatitis prevention

Probably, you have already met this name on Internet. American gynecologist, Arnold Kegel, who developed set of exercises for muscles of pelvic floor and vagina for women in postpartum period. But then this complex began to be used by women who wanted to increase their sexual sensitivity and those who simply cared about their health. And even later, men began to use Kegel exercises for treatment and prevention of their diseases.

If you generalize a lot, you can say that muscles of anus are trained with these exercises. How to understand what to do: try to urinate urine flow during urination with help of muscles. You will feel tension in some muscle groups. Here is their Kegel complex and pumps.

Other methods of prostatitis prevention

They are the following:

  • Contrast shower. Just be careful, men! 30 seconds warm water – 15 seconds cold. Lower water temperature gradually.
  • Swing your feet to side. First standing on one. Then change your leg. 50 times and gradually increase number of times.
  • Tilts to sides. Feet shoulder width apart. Take your time to bend over well. 15-20 times.
  • Make “birch” and “bicycle”. At the same time, try to feel maximum muscle tension and then linger, count to 10.
  • Lying on your back, pull your legs to your stomach and separate them. Slow. Listening to tension.
  • Sitting straight with legs stretched out, try to reach with your fingers to your toes. Slow. Don`t swing.

Dear men! Still, if you feel unwell in place known to us and something will embarrass you in your intimate life, please contact your doctor.