Hypospadias and Cavernitis: widespread men diseases

Hypospadias is a penis malformation, when an external opening of the urethra takes place at the trunk of the penis, but not at the head as usual. At the same time, it is shown by the loose of urine flow and is experienced by the difficulties of urination.

The causes of hypospadia

Pay attention, that hypospadia is a congenital malformation, which can appear from the birth moment. It is very difficult to highlight the main cause of this disease, because there are a lot of factors, which can affect the normal laying of organs during the pregnancy period.

Firstly, it is necessary to distinguish the presence of infectious disease, which can be the result of such illness. Today the influence of CMV and Toxoplasma will play a big role and it was proved by scientists. Every pregnant woman should make the tests, which will help to understand, if the child has any pathogen. In addition, AIDS and congenital syphilis must be screened, because they can be the main causes of such diseases.

Despite the infectious diseases, we must name congenital malformations, which can vary by chemical and physical factors. A big amount of newborns with hypospadias was noted in the zones, where the contamination by radioactive substance is rather big. It gives an opportunity to say, that negative radiation effect can be harmful for newborns.

The methods of treatment

The most effective and reasonable method, which will help to correct such a pathology is surgery. The extent of the surgery depends on the form of disease, but in many cases the main task, which must be made by urologists, is to make a restore and to give and urethra the normal shape.

If we talk about the head in the form if hypospadias, it means, that the glans penis is opened in the urethra, so there is a need to make a plastic with help of men tissues. To do such operation, urologist will make a hole in the mucous membrane of the urethra, that was earlier mobilized from the place of previous organ.

Cavernitis and its reasons

Cavernitis is an inflammation of the cavernous or cavernous bodies of the penis, which can be acute in most situations and have the complications in the erectile function.

The first cause of cavernitis is entering the causative agent to the cavernous body of the penis. Very often it can be the result of gonorrhea. The spread of infection in the cavernous body will come from urethra, where the parasite usually takes place. Microfracture mucosa can facilitate to such reason, which can occur after the swab in bacteriological research of urethritis pathogen.

In addition, one of the cause can be acute urethritis, penile injury with one cavernosum corpus, as well an osteomyelitis or angina. The last cause can be the hematogenous dissemination of infectious disease and pathogen. Also the lymphogenous dissemination can be the cause of such disease.

Cavernitis treatment

The treatment of cavernitis depends on the stage of the disease. For example, at initial stage, doctor will prescribe the course of antibiotic therapy. In such case you can see only the inherent infiltration of cavernous bodies.

But, if the causative agent of such disease is gonorrhea, the most effective drug will be penicillin. It can be administered intravenously or intramuscularly 4-6 times a day. Also such treatment includes the usage of lumen in the urethra with antiseptic solutions, as furacillin and deosan. That medications can be purchased without doctor`s prescription.

If there is a need to make an operation, it is rather important to get the best rehabilitation, because it will be hard to return to normal life. But with the help of medical personnel everything will be all right.