Men`s health: how to save?

Success, society position and material wealth – all these are results of hard work for many years, accompanied by huge emotional load. Chronic stress exhausts negatively affects men`s life and health. The body resists stress for a long time, but at some point the dam breaks through, and stream of problems collapses on a man.

At this point, career and achievements often fade into background or even lose their meaning. Here comes the feeling of complete disappointment and main question is: what determines men’s beauty and health? How to preserve youth, re-learn life enjoying and regain confidence in abilities?

Alarm signs

Alarm signs appear long before the dam breaks. This is well-known drop in working capacity, apathy, unreasonable drowsiness during daytime hours or night insomnia. Chronic fatigue is piling up and even time-tested methods of dealing with stress didn`t save.

After chronic fatigue hormonal disruptions came. Many have obvious overweight problems associated with invisible but very dangerous enemy – metabolic syndrome. His company is arterial hypertension and problems with internal organs work.

Another element of suffering men’s health – potency, but it is often attributed to fatigue, depression or chronic stress. Against problems background, that have piled on, many people didn`t notice any violations of their posture and pain in lower back, neck or joints.

Chronic stress, spine and deep muscles

These symptoms have common cause. It is violation of axial symmetry and spine biomechanics against chronic stress background. The spine is men’s health center, because it controls all vital processes. It remains to find, how chronic stress affects spine state and entire musculoskeletal system?

Stress makes adjustments to organs work. Against the background of nervous tension, pulse and breathing quickens. We don`t notice this, but try the next experiment. While working on responsible project, listen to your body. You will be surprised, how shallow and frequent your breath has become. Be sure to pay attention to facial expressions. You will understand how strongly face muscles are tense. They say, that  face conveys our emotions. In fact, emotions transmit our muscles and they are very susceptible to stress!

Similar changes occur in deep paravertebral muscles — some muscles tone increases and antagonists weaken. These muscles are extremely important, because they form muscular-ligamentous skeleton, foundation of entire musculoskeletal system.

Chronic dystonia of the deep muscles leads to displacement, deformation and axial symmetry disruption of the spine. In turn, this leads to infringement of neurovascular bundles, which becomes trigger for headaches, chronic fatigue, dysfunction of internal organs, hypertension and potency problems. Here you can find more information

Solution: rehabilitation and wellness program

Author’s methods of Professor Blum allow to recruit deep muscles. Exercises on special simulators performed at certain angle, with a given intensity, frequency and amplitude. Deformities correction and biomechanical disorders due to deep muscle tone correction is the basis of unique approach to solving men’s health problems, used in Dr. Blum clinic. Read more about it by the link

Treatment begins with diagnosis stage, at which we carry out problems actualization. We estimate current state of organism, analyze life way, include in equation diseases and injuries suffered. We find established compensatory mechanisms, select pathological ones among them, and draw optimizing body geometry plan.

Based on obtained data, we develop individual rehabilitation and wellness solution – personal recovery program from internal resources. Our tactic is to work on musculoskeletal system weak links and our main goal is to eliminate conditions for disease occurrence.