Sexual life after 50. New problems or new opportunities?

With age, each person inevitably changes. Changes his appearance, habits, interests. Year after year in body there are natural changes that have been taken into account. But regardless of number of past years, there is always opportunity to make your life bright, to fill it with interesting things and great feelings.

Desires and possibilities of mature age

When they say that harmonious sexual relations play huge role in human life, they usually mean young people, in extreme case of middle age, up to 40–45 years. Meanwhile, after 50 years (for both men and women), sexual activity is still important, although it isn`t customary to talk about it.

First, normal sexual relations have positive effect on social activity. Secondly, regular sexual contact is excellent training for heart and blood vessels, as well as prevention of prostate gland diseases (for men) and problems with bladder function (for women).

Thirdly, people who, even after 50 years, retain sexual activity, are much less susceptible to depression and other psycho-emotional disorders characteristic of mature age.

And, of course, moments of intimacy with loved one, that at 20, that at 50 years they bring a lot of joyful emotions and vivid sensations. So, common belief that after 50 years of human sexual functions are dying out – myth? Yes and no.

Yes, in sense that sexual desire, interest in intimate sphere of life, for most people, has remained at almost same level for a long time. As ability to enjoy sex.

Advantages of “autumn of life”

Like every age, “fall of life” has its own advantages, which are important to know and be able to use. This rule fully applies to sexual relations. Although sexologists say that for most people aged 50 years and older, intimate life somewhat loses its intensity, but it becomes more regular than it was in 30–40 years due to constant stress at work and fatigue.

In addition, age-related changes in men give very interesting effect: against background of remaining hormonal background, sensitivity of genital organs to testosterone somewhat decreases.

As result, man needs more time to get excited and achieve erection, but at the same time such delicate problem as premature ejaculation disappears, which many young people suffer from.

Another pleasant consequence of age is “neurosis of expectation”, i.e. sudden disappearance of erection at right time. Therefore, possibilities for full-fledged sex life for man over 50 are no less than those of his “colleagues” of younger age.

Activity for many years

Sexual activity of person at any age directly depends on his state of health, patient is usually not in intimate relationship. But, for men and women older than 50, it`s important not only to maintain good health, but also to constantly support work of main organs.

In the first place – cardiovascular system, it`s state of vessels that largely determines how long person will be able to lead active sex life. Therefore, those who, even after 50 years, want to please themselves and their partner, will have to very seriously reconsider their usual way of life.

“Autumn of life” in all respects should be active – with daily physical exertion, long walks, interesting things and new impressions. Only by maintaining physical and mental activity can sexual functions be maintained for long time.

Even more important role begins to play good nutrition, because body’s caloric needs are reduced, and it still needs lot of protein, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. And, this requires mature person to be serious about what and when he eats.

And, by the way, all sorts of vitamin-mineral complexes and dietary supplements, if used prophylactically and after consulting doctor, can be of considerable help at this age.

And, one more thing that many lose sight of is that with age, human life sometimes begins to resemble mechanical clock: everyday actions become so familiar, to automatism. And, this familiarity can become much more dangerous enemy of any intimate relationships, which seem to fade under layer of everyday “dust”.

Only jointly experienced unusual sensations and positive emotions can correct this situation. Traveling, new hobbies, interesting plans for future will allow us to recall again that life can be bright and eventful at any age.